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Weddings & Events at Appleford

From the gardens to the historic stone home with tented terrace, there are so many locations to celebrate your special event in a piece of picturesque history.

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Photo by Love Shack Photo
Photo by Love Shack Photo

An Historic Estate, Gardens & Grounds

Surrounded by 24 picturesque acres, the sprawling fieldstone home is a handsome example of early Pennsylvania farmhouse architecture dating back more than 300 years.

The property, originally part of a land grant from William Penn, is carefully maintained as an arboretum and bird sanctuary. With its blossoming trees and boxwood gardens, stone walls and clear streams, Appleford provides a serene sense of beauty in every season.

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Marina Stecklair Photography
Mariya Stecklair Photography

Upcoming Free Events

March 6, 2021

Serock Catering Tasting at Appleford

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April 25, 2021

Perfect Seating Catering Tasting at Appleford

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May 2, 2021

Catering By Design Tasting at Appleford

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Manicured bushes and an old statue

Walk the Grounds at Appleford

We welcome visitors to explore Appleford’s grounds but are closed to the public during private events. Most events take place on the weekends from April through November. Please check our calendar on PartySpace before planning your visit or contact us at

Photo by Mariya Stecklair Photography

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As a non-profit, Appleford depends on public support to maintain the historic house and open space surrounding it.

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